“ZAVAR COMPANY” is a firm for production, trade, engineering and services in machine building and construction.
We are included in a processing equipment production, used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry mostly made of stainless steel (INOX).Also we produce different kinds of pipe lines and pressure tanks for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petro-chemical industry, production of parts and positions according to clients’ documentation.

Production of stainless steel radiators is our latest challenge.We produce inox radiators according to our own design, having variety of models and dimensions.
Another part of our production process is construction, production of decorative elements and unique peaces of furniture made of stainless steel (INOX).
“ZAVAR COMPANY” performs its own production, development, construction, engineering and marketing services. The personnel is competent to deliver ideas into end products.

Since the beginning, the basic scope of activities of “ZAVAR COMPANY” has been to perform according to customers’ demands, bearing in mind the continuous improvement of operations.

In order to reach our objectives, all resources offering needed knowledge and technology are utilized, thus making us market competitive.So far we have succeeded in this attempt. Along with the support of our clients and acquired new skills and technology, we can approach the globalization process as partners.

The greatest incentive for employees and future system improvements in “ZAVAR COMPANY” is the satisfaction of customers and the successful completion of the:

Certification of quality according to EN ISO 9001:2008 acc TUV CERT ,TGA (DAR) Rheinland, a Certificate issued in Budapest and

Environmental Management System, certified according to EN
ISO 14001:2004 by TUV CERT, TGA (DAR) Rheinland, a Certificate issued in Budapest.
For all welding work as well for non destructive activities, certified according to EN ISO 3834-2 by TUV CERT, TGA (DAR) Rheinland, TUV Industrie Service , a Certificate issued in Budapest.
We have certified welding procedures WPQR by TUV Rheinland :

- TIG ( 141 ) inox SS stainless steel
- TIG ( 141 ) CS carbon steel
- MAG (135 ) CS carbon steel
- MIG ( 131 ) inox SS stainless steel
- TIG ( 141 ) alloy C22 nickel alloys ( W.n. 2.4602 / Hastelloy )
- TIG ( 141 ) alloy 825 nickel alloys ( W.n. 2.4858 / Incolloy )
- TIG ( 141 ) AWP automatized ORBITAL – inox SS stainless steel
- TIG ( 141 ) AWP – CNC automised welding with possitioner –inox SS

Certified according PED 97/23 EC by TUV Rheinland.